We Have The Perfect Vinyl Pool For You!

When Port City Pools installs a vinyl in-ground pool into your backyard, you will immediately notice the benefits of owning such a structure. Everything from the level of maintenance to the sheer aesthetics of the space will change for the better, all while you enjoy swimming in your beautifully constructed pool.

Features of Vinyl Pools:

  • Built to last you a lifetime while still offering low-maintenance care solutions
  • Ultra-durable due to the support which is made with rust-preventative walls and braces, a cement-mix and honeycomb-patterned walls for engineered strength
  • Lined with dependable and gorgeous vinyl
  • Can be personalized even further with different shapes, patterns, and features such as breathtaking waterfalls, infinity edges and dazzling tile borders

Benefits of Vinyl Pools:

  • Low initial cost: Vinyl Liner Pools have the lowest initial cost of any of the three types of in-ground pools
  • Customizable shape and size: There are no limitations of the length, width, and depth of Vinyl
  • Liner Pools and you can choose between a number of colors and patterns to match your backyard style
  • Vinyl liner pools are non-abrasive: The vinyl liner material is smooth to the touch and lasts up to 8-10 years before needing to be replaced
  • Doesn't foster algae: The vinyl material used in vinyl liner pools is also relatively non-porous so it inhibits algae growth

Take a look at some our recent installations here. If you’re interested in installing a vinyl pool, contact us!

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